BFL Aran

BFL Aran $24
Weight: Aran
Fiber: 100% British Blue Faced Leicester
Yardage: 202 yards (185 m)/125 grams

This is Elliebely’s Ellie-Blue Blue Faced Leicester yarn, in an aran weight.

Many people seem to be unfamiliar with Blue Faced Leicester. This is a shame, because these sheep, raised primarily in Britain, but with a growing contingent in the U.S., yield a lovely, luxurious fleece that has aptly been called the poor man’s Cashmere. BFL takes dye with a beautiful sheen and is lovely to knit with. This is one of my favorite yarns. If you haven’t experienced Blue Faced Leicester yet, you owe it to yourself to get some Ellie-Blue!

Try it on US 6-9 needles, depending on how tightly you knit. You should achieve a gauge of around 4-5 stitches per inch. This yarn will give you a true worsted/aran gauge.

Please note that over the years, we have changed the size of these skeins. This slightly larger skein better meets the needs of most knitters working on aran projects. If you have older skeins, please consult the label for correct yardage. The 4.4 oz. skeins are effective January of 2016.