Chemise $36
Weight: Sport
Fiber: 65% Silk, 35% Linen
Yardage: 274 yards (251 m)/100 grams

Chemise is spun from Silk and Linen. It’s one of my dream yarns. Two of my favorite projects, a sweater and a lace shawl, are knit from it. And, a friend won a ribbon at the state fair for her masterful lace sweater knit from this yarn.

Chemise has heirloom knitting written all over it, because the linen content of the yarn means your projects will last forever and get softer with every wear and washing. Although I originally viewed this as a summer yarn, don’t hesitate to knit with it for winter as well. I wear both my sweater and shawl throughout the year. This yarn knits up with an ethereal, Middle-Earth feel to it, as those you might have wandered into Lothlórien unaware while knitting with it.