Merino Sock $20

I love dyeing fingering weight yarn. It’s so versatile — socks, sweaters, shawls. And because of it’s yardage, it’s one of the most economical yarns to knit with, even in luxury fibers. Typically, three skeins will give you a lovely sweater, and one skein will be enough for socks or even a small shawl.

So it’s no surprise that I’m constantly trying out new blends. This yarn impressed me so much that it made the cut the first time I knit with it. It’s a 4-ply 100% Merino superwash yarn. It’s incredibly strong and perfect for socks without any nylon content. It’s a great option for those who want the perfect Merino sock yarn — the name says it all. And while Juliet, my favorite Merino sock yarn to date is a light weight fingering with 490 yards to a skeins, Merino Sock is a slightly heavier fingering weight at 438 yards in a 100 gram skein. Since many sock patterns designate either “light fingering” or “fingering” this gives you a choice designed to closely replicate your pattern yarn.

Even though it’s called Sock, don’t be afraid to use it for shawls, sweaters, and anything else. It’s a workhorse, multi-purpose yarn, nice, fat and round with it’s four-ply construction.

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