Sea Silk DK

Sea Silk DK $38
Weight: DK
Fiber: 70% Silk, 30% Seacell
Yardage: 273 yards (250 m)/100 grams

Sea Silk. Just the name is enough to conjure up visions of mystery and luxury. And this yarn fully delivers on that promise. It’s spun from 70% silk and 30% “Seacell,” a product made from seaweed. The manufacturer of Seacell claims it has both antimicrobial and skin softening properties and I’m willing to believe just about anything in regards to this yarn.

It has wonderful drape and sheen. It feels fantastic sliding through your fingers as you knit with it. And, I like it at this dk weight which is versatile and will knit up nicely in a wide range of patterns. Don’t be afraid to swatch with this yarn for patterns written in a sport or a worsted gauge. It seems to have mystical, “your project always comes out perfectly” properties, that defy definition.