Moth & Goat

Moth & Goat $78
Weight: Sport
Fiber: 65% Cashmere, 35% Silk
Yardage: 310 yards (338 m)/100 grams

This yarn is spun from the finest cashmere, with a touch of silk for resilience. This yarn is stunning for its simplicity and quality. Knit a christening gown or a bridal shawl with it. This is the yarn to use for your best friend, your Mother, the Vet who cares for your favorite cat, or the sainted neighbor who is never too busy to stop and talk with your toddler when you need a minute for yourself.

I once knit a shawl from this yarn for myself while my daughter and I were on a yoga retreat. In my mind, it is forever the yarn of quiet evenings looking out over the hills and early mornings, drinking chai tea while talking with her. It’s a special yarn and just typing this has made me pull the shawl out and perch it on my shoulders. That to say that while this is an extremely special yarn that I reserve for my most important gifts, you should also knit at least one special item for yourself with it. Because, you’re worth it.