Ah, Home.

It is so nice to return home from a trip away, even a short one.  And you will notice I’m in a green mood today.  That is because after exactly 262 days of begging (or in husband parlance, nagging), I realized my darling, wonderful husband wasn’t ever going to repaint the ceiling in the shower and decided to do it myself.  He was kind enough to spray it was Tilex for me (the mold in Alabama is quite charming).  I’ve primed it with Kilz and used an old jar of Golden’s Molding Paste that was on its last legs to create some texture.  I’ve never painted anything in a house, so this will be an adventure, but my plan is to roll a solid layer of paint, and then, after that dries, mix a few different green colors to match the surrounding wallpaper and make glaze with them to swipe over the whole affair.  Here’s a picture of my start, and please, if you have any advice, it would be very welcome!



Lest you think I’m ignoring important things like knitting and art, I have goodies to share in those areas as well. First, my favorite collage from several hours of work in the studio.


And, the almost finished Anthropologie shrug (you can see the needles sticking out of one arm).  My fears that it would be too small are replaced with fears it is too large.  Pray that the blocking gods find favor with me–otherwise, there is no way I will be wearing this one.  I’m not really sure what the explanation is, probably the shrinking effect of being on round needles.  I extended the legnth of the body and the sleeves beyond what the pattern called for, and although I think the pattern itself is gorgeous, I like this slightly larger version, and am planning on making some silver button for it later this weekend.


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