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I have a really hard time claiming that all important territory "artist."  When people ask what I do, I always say I’m not really an artist and I just play around, or words to that effect.  So, one of my goals this year was to do a jury-in art show.  But, I kept passing opportunities up.  I’m seriously thinking about aplying for a show here this fall, but I’ve only got a couple of weeks left until I have to enter and I need to include three slides with my entry. 

I’ve started a photo album with pieces I’m considering.  Take a look and let me know by reply which pieces you think I should use (or if I should just reconsider).

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6 thoughts on “Help me decide….

  1. Joyce, Only 3? It’s tough, but I love the little collages you did. I think, however, you should show some variation. I vote for arti, white, and either fishbowl or thick and thin piece that was in Somerset. This is just my opinion, and I’ve never entered an art show either, so take this for what it’s worth – $.02.

  2. After having helped judge items at my art institute I agree that you should have a bit more variety in your pieces. They have a flat, un-dimensional look instead of standing out.I’m also a student getting my degree in fabric and art design(although I’m 60 next week). I like white, cat dreams and married magic. Just my .02

  3. Well I love them all I think you should for sure go for it!!! you will never know unless you try!! so go do it!! and have fun too!!

  4. I say go for it Joyce. You do beautiful work. My only suggestion, take a lot of art for people to choose from. You need to take as many as you can possibly get done. Volume is a good thing. Good luck and let us know how you do.
    Kathy Mc

  5. no art background, no experience except looking. Cat Dreams, StarDance, Anatomy-Front. (they are all of a piece but I like that in an artist). Call it a signature style.

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