I’m Not Feeling The Love Here

No, I’m not feeling the love for this pattern.  It looks beautiful on the needles, but I kept thinking the top looked awfully small.  It’s not a traditional sweater, but a sort of shrug-capelet thingy where you put one button at the top to hold it together at the neck and then it goes out sort of in an inverted V, capelet style.  but still, i was getting worried.

Front_1 It seems hopelessly small.  Does anyone really think blocking can fix that?  I am sensing total disaster and a real concern that this shrug is in no way going to possible fit around my body.  Motivation for a diet? 

Back_1 In any event, the back view concerns my worst fears that even though I’m dead on gauge, this pattern has issues.  But the yarn is really lovely, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “I’m Not Feeling The Love Here

  1. Blocking fixes a myriad of evils… try it before you have no faith in your shrug anymore. I think it is lovely so I hope it works for you!

  2. Hi Joyce
    Oh the yarn is loevly is it Noro??? and sorry that the piece does look to small?? what pattern did you use??? not sure if blocking would help?? esp if it is wool?? I too am working on a top but out of a wonderful cotton and so far am hoping it will fit and………..I am realizing I don’t have enough yarn!!! soooooooooo now hope to get more if they still have it!! or I too will have a major problem!! no neck or shoulders!!!!! hope you can salvedge this piece it’s lovely and hey no diet needed for you!! you are so tiny already!!!
    Hugs Linda

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