I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

Sweet success.

The Laguna sweater has a beautifully (well, in an imperfect me sort of way) executed triple needle bind off shoulders, a lovely neckline, and it’s awaiting some side seams.  I’ll be wearing it for the holiday weekend.  Life is good.

To celebrate, I decided to swatch a little bit of the pewter to brown to black yarn I dyed earlier this week, you know, the yarn that’s going to be the Alchemy Silk Bolero new socks for my boys.  It’s a very soft merino, the nicest I’ve felt.  And it knitted up like a dream — perhaps because it wonderful to get back to soft wool on #3 needles, after knitting the patagonia cotton sweater on those big size 9’s.  I didn’t swatch in the round, but the upside of that is that I was able to lay it on my scanner bed so y’all can see how the colors work up.


It reminds me of those big bulky Icelandic Wool sweaters I wore in college.  I went to school in Maine and those big bulky sweaters from Iceland were as warm as a down jacket from LL Bean.  So I have a wonderful association with these colors.

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