The “Oh Jan” Dress

Have you seen the "Oh Jan" dress on knit and tonic ?  It is way, way cute.  Hopefully she won’t mind that I borrowed (and cropped, I didn’t want to show the beautiful little girl in it, but you need to all go see the pictures on her blog, because she’s adorable!) a picture of the back so you could see it.  I’m afraid to show the front, because if I do, you will all immediately have to start figuring out who you can make this dress for and buy the pattern and start deciding if stash yarn will work or if you need to buy more.  I don’t want to be called an enabler.  So, I’m only showing you the back.


Isn’t it wonderful?  I ended up getting shine worsted from Knitpicks and a really nice woman on the phone confirmed that my color choices looked great together, so my little girlfriend is getting this in coral and terracotta.


And if that isn’t wonderful enough, some of my friends from my parentsplace september ’98 board, way back when I was pregnant with the same little girlfriend who is getting this dress, are all going to do it as a knitalong.  For some reason, that idea makes me really happy.  Now, I’m off to search through the needles stash and stalk my postman for the yarn.

4 thoughts on “The “Oh Jan” Dress

  1. want you to get this pattern in my size!!! (yup extra large!!) but this is adorable!!! and love the colors you picked!!! My friend is knitting socks out of some yarn she got at knit picks and she loves it and the colors are great!!! when start to get low I will be checking out their site!!!

  2. Now you’re making me feel seriously bad because I’m not one of the moms who joined you. I can’t help it if my big girl is too big, and my sept sweetie is just well… the wrong gender for it! Catch me next time, OK?

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