Wonderful Summer Days

It has been one of those perfectly lovely summer days here.  At lunch, I had time for a quick trip to eat lunch with my daughter at the museum (summer art camp) and got to take a look at one of my favorite pieces in their collection, an installation of enormous glass flowers by Chihuly, which never ceases to make me feel really, really happy.

Patina_2  Tonight, while my darling husband watched bad horror movies, I sat down to spin and immediately found myself in the company of my two youngest children.  They both spun with me for a while, before one dashed off to do pirouettes and the other stashed a spindle down the back of his shirt (are you sensing a theme here?  the spindle became his most recent effort to find a weapon to sheath down his back ala Lord of the Rings).  This roving is so gorgeous i have got to share it with you, even though this is a late night, bad lighting picture.  I love copper patina as a colorway, and this roving captures it pefectly.  The yarn is spinning up nicely and I’m excited about it.  All of the roving has been picked over and prepped for spining, so I’m hoping to make lots of progress with it this week.

Because all my art friends are wondering if I have forsaken them for the demon knitting gods, I’m going to do something I don’t usually do and share three collage works in progress.  I thought it might be fun to show them now — you can exhale a collective gasp at how awful they look in progress and it will be fun to see them when they are finished and no longer cause my  inner art critic to want to stab something.


3 thoughts on “Wonderful Summer Days

  1. Hey! I’m a few days behind… the yarn looks fantastic. Good job! And Ollie is wonderful!
    We had a huge Chihuly exhibit here for much of last year. I loooooved it! I’m glad you got a chance to see it!

  2. i love his work bren. there was a big exhibit in atlanta a couple of years ago that got me hooked, and art glass is a rare art passion dh and i share, so i always love seeing the chihuly, which is part of the permanent collection here.

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