Writing A Pattern

So I have this idea, just the genesis of an idea.  I have a sweater I want to knit, a cute little sleeveless thing for summer.  I have no pattern-writing experience, but the idea keeps pestering me and I find myself thinking about it at the strangest times.  I finally decided to knit up a sample of the front to see what would happen.  Here it is:


It is sort of mishappen at the top, but you get the idea — just  a simple little summer thing.  Although I knit the sample in Cascade Quatro and the color variation is fabulous, I am planning on getting some Handmaiden Silk yarn for this one.  I have never written a pattern before so I am unsure that I can pull off the shaping.  If anyone wants to comment or offer ideas, I would be your new best friend!

Unlike me, my daughter has no concerns about her ability to do anything and everything.  It is so wonderful to be 7!  This is her most recent drawing.


I am so happy that she has her father’s ability to draw and not my total lack of it!


3 thoughts on “Writing A Pattern

  1. That’s a very cute sweater idea! As long as the bulky silk yarn isn’t too hot for summer, you should be OK, yarn-wise. Pattern-wise, I don’t have much to add, as I have yet to write one. Good luck!
    And yes, your daughter has definitely inherited the talent to draw. That’s very good for only 7 years old.

  2. I love her fairy! I just love to watch my daughter draw. There is something very magical in watching what they create with crayon and paper. I read somewhere that when children draw rainbows it means they are very happy. I can imagine that a fairy represents the same thing.

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