I found out last Friday that I was accepted into a juried art show, Birmingham Artwalk, that will be held this fall.  It seemed easy enough to apply — on the very last day — and assume one had to apply two or three times before getting in.  Now, the reality of people — not just my supportive friends on the internet, but real people that I know in real life, and who know me in a business setting — seeing my art is sinking in.  Since my husband tends to be of the "I don’t get it" variety, I am a little bit concerned about whether there are going to be people here who enjoy what I do, but I going to try and adopt an attitude startling ambivalence to the taste of the masses.  But, if any of you plan on being even sort of close to Birmingham the weekend after Labor Day, please come and see me in the show!

This week, I’ve been working on some pieces using some a very cool lacey paper a dear friend (one of the few people I trust my children with) gave me, and also some of my finds from last saturday.




                                 The View

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5 thoughts on “Artwalk

  1. These are just beautiful Joyce! Congratulations on the Artwalk!! How exciting. I would love to see photos of your art all set up with the people all ooohing and awwwwing.

  2. Wow what can one say when the work is so absolutely stunning!! each one is getting better and better as you go along how amazing I just love your work dear!!! and you deserve to be in that show!! that is terrific and would of course give my eye teeth and then some to be able to be there with you!!! you will do fabulous!!! you go get ’em girlfriend!!!!

  3. Hi Joyce- Congratulations on getting in Artwalk! I am SURE that people will love your work. I wish I were going to be in the show. If I can, I will definitely come by and see you. I think you should post the times and location (hint hint) for those that are too lazy to click the Artwalk LINK above. And where is the “Historic Loft District” ?

  4. Even if your husband doesn’t “get” your art – who cares – i do and so do hundreds of others. Your art is lovely and special and very unique.I wish you well on the Birgmingham art walk and hope I can come see it and your artwork come fall.Keep up the great work and don’t lose confidence!!!!!!!!!!
    debbie from Atlanta

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