I’m trying something new — little fairies on cotton fabrics that can be used as appliques on clothing, incorporated into quilts and purses, and anything else you can dream up.  (altered books? collage? school book bags? toothfairy pillows?)

You can see them on etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=7846.  I hope people will love them and snap them up for their own projects.


In other exciting news in my house, the first borage plant of the summer is ready to bloom.  I absolutely love borage, which does not grow particularly well in hot, humid, Alabama.  Its translucent blue flowers never fail to enchant me.  And my tuberoses seem to have shot up overnight.  I am looking forward to having their beautiful, gardenia-like smell wafting across the entrance to our house in short order.


3 thoughts on “Fairies!

  1. Wow love the little fairies and wow you know what borage is!!!! not too many people have a clue about that!! haven’t had any in years maybe next year will get my herb garden back in order! can see some of my little garden on my blog and my sweater I did!!!! hint hint!!

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