Diving and A Lesson Learned

This morning I did something I rarely do.  I took time off — four precious hours of leave — to go swimming with my children.  Like most working moms, I hoard my leave time for emergencies.  I use my annual leave sparringly and never take sick leave for myself.  But today, I decided I needed some pool time with the kids.  I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

I got to see this:


And, my daughter decided she felt confident enought to jump off the diving board for the first time.  After that first time, she did it over and over.  She jumped high and she jumped far forward.  Everytime she jumped, she waited until she could see that i was there, treading water in the middle of the deep end, waiting for her in case she needed me.

I know, especially as my big kids get older, that it is these simple times together that we will all treasure.  In a week, no one will remember that I was gone from work for a few hours on a Friday morning.  But, my daughter will always remember that I was there the first time she went off the diving board. 

One thought on “Diving and A Lesson Learned

  1. Joyce…Art and i always say this about thes times with the kids…”these ARE the good old days!” cherish every moment with those precious children! they grow up way too fast!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

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