A Day Of Beautiful Colors

It has been a day of beautiful colors here in Birmingham.  The sky was that perfect shade of blue.  At lunch, coming back from a run with my husband, two little brown birds twittered on the sidewalk.  They were so sweet, so perfect.

One of my dear friends is battling an advanced cancer.  I am very depressed about it.  She has an amazing spirit.  In honor of her, I’m celebrating all of the beautiful colors around me today.

My daughter picked flowers and put them on our dinner table.


When I got home from work, she and DH were dancing in the kitchen.  He was teaching her the South Carolina Shag we used to do back in school.


I dyed some yarn in muted colors and like it so much that I think I’m going to make myself a scarf with it — a reminder that the hot humid summer weather will eventually give way to fall.


I arrived home today to a package from my friend Dannielle.  She had this incredibly cool needle holder on her website that I ordered, because I can never find a needle when I want one.  Not only did she send the little needle book, she sent me the most wonderful pincushion to go along with it.  Many of my children’s most treasured friends — hotdog, Ollie’s cat, and Ellie’s white unicorn, came from Dannielle.  I’m really excited to have some of her little things that I know I will use every day.

Needlebook Pincushion_1

Today I’m just going to focus on the little things, the birds’ song, the rhythm of my spinning  wheel going around and around, the sweet mischevious face of my baby on the front porch.  I’m going to watch John Stewart and laugh a lot.  I’m going to read books and tuck little ones into bed.  I’m going to protest cancer in the only way I can.

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  1. I followed your link from Wooly Wonder forums. Love the picture of your DD and your DH swing dancing. Lovely yarn, too! Hope it fetches a nice price for Patsy.

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