Color That We Don’t Always See

The colors that we saw on vacation were spectacular.  I know the colors around us all the time are probably equally as beautiful, but I seem to get sensitized to them and don’t notice them.  At Callaway they were omnipresent and I was so struck by them a couple of times that I stopped to sketch or note color combinations I wanted to use in collage pieces or for dyeing later on. 

I found that the few pieces I did while we were there were influenced by the colors around me.  I worked in bolder colors, and used more red, a color I generally don’t focus on, or at least not starting out, but I found myself choosing red over and over while working after the children had gone to bed at night.



There was one specific spot on the lake where the colors were so beautiful — the sparkling water touched the shore that was mostly evergreen, but had touches of pink laurel and some purpley-blue flowers i didn’t know the names of.  I was so awestruck by the way it made me feel to sit there and look at the reflection coming off of the water.  I’ve done a couple of text mixes today and am going to try and represent those colors on some yarn, maybe even for a sweater for myself, later on this week.

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