Some Hand-Dyed Yarn (& A Few Other Things) On Sale

Something new today — I will have some of my hand-dyed yarns, and a few other things like handpainted children’s clothing and playsilks, on sale at today at noon.

You have to scroll down through all the beautiful cloth diapers and handmade shoes to get to my stuff (you may find yourself getting sidetracked, because there are some cool things there) under the Elliebelly banner.  Midday Faire is a group of mom artisans who come together to offer their handmade items every other week.

It’s a fun shopping concept — we put all the items into the store and you can go and preview them now, but you can’t actually buy anything until 12 noon.  It’s sort of a buying frenzy when everything becomes available and always cracks me up watching people try to score their favorite items, especially since I am on the buying end a lot more than I am on the selling end. 

Please come and take a look — and buy my yarn so i can justify dyeing more !


2 thoughts on “Some Hand-Dyed Yarn (& A Few Other Things) On Sale

  1. Oh wish I could go!! I’d buy your yarn dear just so i could see what you come up with next!!!! hehehe!! hope it was a good time!!

  2. OH now I get it it’s actually an online store!!! duh! should have gone looked at it 1st!! silly me!! just got excited about you selling etc!! how fun and those diapers are a hoot!! hope you do well dear!!!

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