Knitting & Felting

I have a couple of things to share.

First off, I have been so happy with the short sweater that I knit for myself, based on Peony’s Anthropologie inspired capelet, that I decided to do one for my sister in law, again out of Noro yarn.  I hope she will like it — I thought it would be handy for keeping warm and snuggly while open enough to nurse a wee baby.


Then there is felting.  I am still feeling so inspired by the chance I had last weekend to work with Julie Williams.  Here is a much better picture of the scarf I did with her this weekend.


And here is a mohair-embellished piece I worked on the last few nights.


One thought on “Knitting & Felting

  1. Shoot, I didn’t read closely enough and thought you said YOU were going to be nursing a small baby, and I was like, “What?!”. LOL. Very pretty things.

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