Life With A Kitten

Admittedly this may be more suited to Cute Overload than this very serious art & knitting blog, but I have to share today’s picture of Little Miss Amy with you.


Like most Maine Coon Cats, Amy seems to have a very sociable, outgoing, self-assured personality.  This morning, I left her upstairs  — lots of toys, water, food, etc. — to toss a load of laundry in before I left for work.  Much to our horror, she did not like being left behind, and she jumped!  Jumped straight off the top of the stairs from the second story down to the first….and landed neatly on a box at the bottom of the stairs.  We have had a stern talk and I have told her there will not be a repeat of that heart-stopping moment.  She is curled up peacefully, napping next to the computer now.  I think she understands.

4 thoughts on “Life With A Kitten

  1. She is so cute and snuggly looking. 🙂
    I should probably not relay to you all of dh’s boyhood stories about throwing cats off of the silo to see if they really do land on their feet. Eek!

  2. That sounds like something one of my kids would try to do! lol I don’t have any pets, because I feel like children are hard enough by themselves. I admire those with patience to have cats and dogs! 🙂

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