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I was lucky enough to be a part of Beth Bricker’s Black & White Fabric Collage Book, after missing out on her first book (what was I thinking?)  The book arrived last night.  It is really amazing.

These fabric books seem like a logical progression from the little fat books we all did last year.  Beth’s book was slightly larger at 6×6" — I thought it was the perfect size and would really like to do more work on fabric.  It was hard to get pictures, but I’m going to share the ones that came out with you.


This is my page, which y’all saw in progress in an earlier post.  The angel image is from the wonderful ladies at Artchix, one of my favorite places to buy art bits.


This is Jood’s page.  Isn’t it awesome?  How did she ever think of that?  I love the rubber stamp sheet music with the fabric overlays.


On the left is the back (signature portion) of Jood’s page.  On the right is Beth’s wonderful page.  Beth does vintage collage work that is just exquisite.  She was nice enough to gift me with one of her most beautiful pieces earlier this year, and it is the piece I chose to hang in the most prominent spot in my office — I don’t ever get tired of looking at it.


Kara’s back was as incredible as her front, plus, I really love the idea of "happy everything."  If Kara doesn’t hurry up and do her own blog, I’m going to have to make one for her.  We met when she agreed to be a last minute replacement in the Random Words fat book I hosted, and her work was stunning.


I got to see Karen’s pages in progress when I was in Atlanta for our felting workshop.  The finished pages are gorgeous and her pink flowers were the perfect touch.

Seeing art like this is enough to make me want to quit my day job and do nothing but make art.  Each of these gals is an amazing inspiration and the finished book is a gem.  Thanks Beth!

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