Home again, home again

I got home from my trip last night, with many thanks to all of you who left wooly and arty comments here and linked me to your photos and blogs.  It has been truly wonderful to read through everything and pour over all of your photos and stories.  When the kids get home from their Halloween candy-buying trip with daddy, we will draw a name and package up the yarn to send to one of you — I wish I had enough to send a skein to everyone who took the time to brighten my week (and hopefully yours too).

In the meantime, I am dyeing up some yarn for my swap partner from Wooly Wonders.  I have some lovely merino and it is in the pot right now with some colors that have been lovingly mixed in hopes that she will really enjoy this yarn! 

When I got home, the first thing I saw was a package the husband had left out for me.  I’m not sure how he knew it was the special package I was waiting for, but it was from Carla, who was very very nice and sent me this beautiful piece.  I saw it on her blog and shamelessly asked if I could have it for my office.  It’s going to be a very treasured piece of art in my life, both because it is perfect for what I do and also because Carla is one of the nicest people I know — she is incredibly encouraging to new artists and one of the warmest, friendliest people I know.  Her Collage Cats yahoogroup is one of the best places for mixed media artists to hang out online.


How cool is that?

One thought on “Home again, home again

  1. aaawwww you are such a sweetie 😀 had to just wipe a little nostalgic tear from eye. You are and always have been one of my favorie catty girls. I’m so glad that our little defendant has a home with someone who truly loves him.
    mwah–thank you sweet Joyce

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