Studio Clean Up

I clean my studio once a year — whether it needs it or not.  Of course, it always needs it.

Usually, I reserve this charming activity for the week after Christmas, but this year, in anticipation of filming with That’s Clever next Tuesday, I have been slowly cleaning up, bit by bit.  Tonight, after coming in from a Christmas party after work, I did a bit of final vacuuming and counter-washing, and, Voila!  As Ellie says, "Mama, there is room to dance in here!"  (Usually, you are taking your life into your hands trying to walk from the door to the main table I work at)


Look at that!  you can see the top of the table.  More importantly, you can walk from the door to the table!


Normally, there are about 500 rubber stamps all piled up on either side of the sink, with a half dozen stencils thrown in for good measure.  I had to put away heavy metal working tools, books, bottles of dye and all sorts of strange things to get to clean counter space here.


Wow!  I even forced myself to clean out the fabric shelves that you can see on the far right (of course, i have four big cubbies in my walk in closet full of fabric, so don’t feel too sorry for me).


Best of all, this paper was crammed in between the top of my shelves (you’ll see them in a minute) and the ceiling, forever falling on top of me at inopportune moments, and generally looking messy and taking up lots of space.  I simply can’t believe that all that paper rolled up so neatly into these two small baskets!  I know I’ll be a lot more likely to use it now, too.


The paper was in a horrible mess all over the top of the shelves at the back of the picture.  Now, two bins neatly hold all of my precious metal clay supplies.  The best part about all this order is that there is room for all of the kids to come and do their homework in my studio again.  Room for everyone to find a comfortable spot.  As excited as I am about doing the TV show taping, I’m almost as excited about having reclaimed my space!

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7 thoughts on “Studio Clean Up

  1. Gorgeous studio. your green floor-ceiling shelves look similar to a vintage cabinet that was left in our basement. I think it was from the ’40s. I hope someday to make a studio in the attic, a space that can be all my own or a place where the kids can make messy paintings or sculptures.

  2. Love your studio! Thanks for the blog comment!
    I’m also a painter. I really want to come paint in your studio! We just moved to a new house where I will get to have my own studio… but at the moment it’s no where near as pretty as yours! If I had your studio I don’t think I’d ever leave!

  3. You are so clever…the art studio looks very inviting,can I come play? Fun website the kids are darling and your creativity sparkles! Loved the Klimt pillow…loved the whole site! Joy

  4. Oh MY OH MY!!!!! Can I come live in your studio!!!! this is fabulous my dear wow what I would give for even half that space!!! and congrats on the show you certainly deserve it!!! super that is fabulous!!! and Love Ellie’s dress and the “dog” pic is adorable!!!! glad I stopped in!!! and love the cable bag too!!! yummy yarn! hugs Linda

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