The scarf, the cat, & the dog

Ellie really liked the swatch for the scarf i had started — just the way it was, with all the different stitches.  And, several of you emailed me with ideas for stitches that would show off the handpainted yarn.  So it turns out that I’m knitting Ellie’s "Short Attention Span Scarf" with lots of different stitches.  I did some rows of eyelet, thinking we might run some velvet ribbon through it, and then added on some different stitches from my stitch dictionary, sort of at random, including reverse triangle and moss blanket stitch.  This is a really great exercise at learning color versus texture in knitting — the highly textured stitch like moss blanket really aren’t worth the effort in the handpainted yarn, while the simple stitches, especially just plain old stockinette, show it off to perfection.  Ellie is delighted with the work in progress (as is Hermione, see picture below) and I hope to finish it quickly as the weather is definitely turning cold here.


I have been working here and there on some fabric collage pieces, and although this is still a work in progress, I thought I would share it so that my artsistahs wouldn’t be able to accuse me of slacking off.  This piece is going to be a page in the fabric book of divas that I am working on.  Here are the front and back in progress.

  Altergirl_1 Child_maiden_1

The image on the backside is an egg illustration I printed on transparency and stitched over the dictionary definition of diva.  The words around it are "child," maiden," "woman," and "crone."  The top edge still needs finishing. 

Finally, we have a lost dog.  She was found by another woman, on the far side of our neighborhood.  She is staying with us temporarily and is a sweet, sweet mixed breed, lots of lab.  Obviously someone’s well cared for pet, she likes being indoors and loves cats.  We are hoping to find her owner, so if you are local in Birmingham and reading this, please pass it on to anyone you know of who might help return her to her home.


Isn’t she adorable?  We’re halfway in love already.

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