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Do you believe in signs from God?

The husband and I took boy #2 to Asheville, North Carolina for the last four days. We were up there to look at a potential high school for him, one with that bad word "boarding" involved in its name.

For many reasons that I won’t bore you with, boy #2 needs a special high school environment. The crux of it is, he was born with a genetic defect called the DiGeorge Anomally and has a complex learning disorder that requires a special learning environment that isn’t available where we live.

The school we looked at was wonderful. But it is oh so far away.

We walked around downtown Asheville before we started the drive back home. Just as we were getting ready to go back to the car, we saw it: Yarn Paradise. Really! There was a store named that. It was amazing. It had things I had never seen before like Koigu. I had two very impatient men on my hands, but I managed to quickly snag a few essentials like some Touch Me for the scarf I have wanted to make forever and a pretty little skein of foofy stuff to use in collages. I also grabbed a pair of Lantern Moon needles for the scarf and a pair of Lantern Moon circulars for the Clapotis I’m about to start. It was a lovely end to a very nice trip.

Was it a sign from God? Sort of a "you know, this is the right place for him even though it’s going to be hard on you, and as a reward you can come knit with these cool people and buy new yarn when you come to visit him" thang? Or is that reading entirely too much into the sudden appearance before my eyes of the best yarn store I’ve ever seen?

2 thoughts on “Yarn Paradise

  1. Thanks for the link, Joyce. I’m an early intervention therapist working with kids with developmental disabilities. I have heard of the name before, but didn’t know anything about it. I’m sorry to hear that the school that you love is so far away. But I’m sure you know as well as I do how important the right school is for kids with any type of special needs so I say go for it! Was it a visit for him as well – meeting any teachers or touring or spending time with other kids, or was it more for you to see it. If so, did he like it?

  2. I do think this was a sign.
    And I’m glad you describe the school as wonderful, even if having your son so far away will be hard.
    And maybe you should knit him something soft and full of love to have with him?
    Just a scarf or an afghan?

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