Paris 1914 — Collage Art

In all the excitement of filming for That’s Clever, I forget to mention that I have a small canvas published in Somerset Studio’s Winter ’07 Gallery Magazine.


It’s in the early pages of the magazine, in case you take a look.  I really like Gallery a lot.  It is full of ideas and inspiration.  I was very complimented that they wanted to use my piece in it.  Originally, I made this collage to use for for the Aubergine Fat Book.  After I completed it, I scanned and photoshopped it, and then embellished my Fat Book pages.  I liked the original so much, that I sent it to Somerset for their Paris theme.  They held it for this publication instead. 

Here is a crummy snapshot of "Paris 1914." Somerset’s photograph is much better, so please go and take a look!


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4 thoughts on “Paris 1914 — Collage Art

  1. Joyce,
    This is great! I can’t wait to see it in person.
    I didn’t order this one yet, but I am going over now to order a copy.

  2. ummm, Joyce, my issue arrived today and you have TWO things in there. A lovely piece towards the back (I think page one-thirty-something).
    Congratulations AGAIN 🙂

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