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This is sure to be a fairly disjointed entry as my littlest one has a nasty bug that involved Mommy watching his every labored breath and listening to his feverish hallucinations until 4 am this morning.  Two and a half hours of sleep was followed by a full day at work.  You might think that this would turn me into a walking zombie sleepier than usual version of myself, but I managed to survive the day, which included a hurried lunch hour visit to the pediatrician (who turned out to be sick with the flu herself, so we saw her partner) and several meetings.

I survived, but I’m not claiming to have survived with any particular grace.  Dinner in my house tonight is chocolate croissants from our neighborhood bakery and if anyone really insists on food, I’ll round them out with cheese omelettes.  Then it’s going to be straight to bed for everyone around 8:00 in hopes that we can get a good night’s sleep.

The cats were disturbed that I abandoned my usual early morning post in the kitchen — they love leftovers from breakfast.  Hermione even tried to blog for me, but all she succeeded in doing was buggering up my internet connection.


I had planned on showing off my finished silk scarf, the one knit in a feather and fan pattern from my own handpainted silk, but photography hasn’t really made my list today.  I do have this picture of Ellie modeling the scarf right after I cast off, and promise to snap one that shows the lace pattern in better detail when the plague leaves my house.  The petulant look is because I gently reminded her it was mine, not hers.


Right before Christmas, my friend Sally and I had lunch and decided to ask our husbands for painting lessons for Christmas.  The Judge can actually follow directions when I give him a roadmap, so I ended up with a gift certificate in my stocking.  We took our first class with Jennifer last night and had a blast.  It was very low key — a good thing for me because I don’t paint.  Sally claimed she had never painted, but I think she was a total ringer.  Her trees were fantastic!  We were supposed to paint trees — I sort of didn’t, but I pretended it was on purpose.  And it was very liberating to slap pretty colors on canvas. Did I mention that it was lots of fun and there was wine?


I am off to shamelessly serve my small fry chocolate for dinner.   

3 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. Joyce,
    The scarf is really pretty… but I LOVE your painting! I think it’s terrific! And girlfriend, my kids would think they died and went to heaven if they got anything chocolate for dinner! I won’t even tell them about it or they’ll start packing their bags to move to Alabama! I’m sure you had no complaints in your house!

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