I’m grateful that it wasn’t any worse.

I was awakened this morning by the sound of my husband playing Excite Truck on the Nintendo Wii (pre-Christmas convo – him: "honey, why did you buy this truck game?  the kids aren’t going to like it.")  Apparently, Excite Truck is pretty d@mn engrossing, because he didn’t notice that while he was bobbing and weaving, the soon to be homeless stray dog we have taken in  our sweet dog Trouble had taken my knitting bag off the table and gone to town.

It looked bad.  In fact, it was bad.  My favorite pair of Lantern Moon needles?  No more.  Although one of them is intact.


But even worse was the bamboo needles I’m knitting my Clapotis on.  All that was left of the second needle was one tiny sliver.  Do you see it?


I’m telling myself this could have been much worse.  She didn’t chew up the knitting or any of the balls of yarn.  And remarkably, she left the knitted pieces alone, chewing up the empty needle in one case, while gnawing the needle down to just above the knitting in the other piece.  She didn’t even drop a stitch!

Good doggie?  I guess she’s better than moths.

To recover I decided to dye some yarn and roving this afternoon.  Both will be on sale tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon at Midday Faire.



I stopped by my LYS this afternoon to purchase a replacement pair of needles for the Clapotis.  Addis Turbos.  Chew metal bad doggie.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I was dog sitting for a friend and her two dogs ate a full set of double points, a bamboo set of circulars, spread the project from one end of the house to another, and worst of all ate my best black shoes!! My own dog could care less about my knitting, but I hear that dogs love to eat the needles because the smell like you. True love!

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