Pictures From The Trip

Go figure.  They haven’t had a decent snow storm in New England all winter.  But somehow, we managed to land ourselves right in the middle of a real Nor’easter.

The snow didn’t start until late on Tuesday.  So we had an entire morning in Vermont, one of the most stunningly beautiful places in the world.


A little squirrel greeted us outside the entrance to the school we were going to look at.


Early in the morning, Bob and Teddy were still smiling before the novelty of walking around in the snow wore off.


It was C-O-L-D.  Not yet snowing, but bitterly cold in the way that only New England can be.  And incredibly beautiful.  I had forgotten how much I love the mountains and the sound of snow crunching beneath my feet.


The school had an amazing rope course and this beautiful stairway.


And the trees looked like a fairyland.

We left Vermont and drove down past Stowe, on towards Brattleboro, and into Massachusetts.  We stopped to see a second school there.  It was dark by the time we left, but by then, we knew there was some serious snow coming, so we decided to get as far as we could towards our destination for Wednesday morning.  We drove and drove.  Sometime around 10:00 p.m., it started snowing.  And around the same time, we realized that our assumption that there would be hotels scattered all along the highway was incorrect and we were in a deserted corner of Connecticut.  Who knew there was such a thing?  Fortunately, our oldest son was still up and his help on google led us to the most wonderful bed and breakfast, just down the road from our next school.  The innkeeper installed us in a beautiful room with a high beamed ceiling and a sauna.  There was a fabulous little alcove for Teddy, who promptly went to sleep.


There wasn’t much snow on the ground by morning — definitely not the two feet we had been hoping for.  Our little balcony had just a light dusting of snow.


We drove up the street to our next school, and had a wonderful visit with them.  The school was fantastic and we actually enjoyed sliding around and playing in the freezing rain.


Things got a little bit more interesting after we left the school.  There weren’t very many people out on the roads and even though they had been plowed at some point, there was a good bit of snow and ice on them.  Our next school was about an hour and a half away, still in Connecticut, so we slogged through it and are now happily ensconsced in a very comfortable Hampton Inn — the kind with the new comfy beds.  It doesn’t sound like we’re going to have an easy time making it to our school in the morning, but it’s been a really wonderful adventure despite a bit of inconvenience.  Teddy is enjoying himself and cracked us up by telling us he was "really enjoying the drive" while his Dad was white knuckling it through snow and trucks.  I think we’ll go out and have a walk while the snow is coming down.

4 thoughts on “Pictures From The Trip

  1. I’m so glad y’all are having a good trip and getting to see some snow (thank god for woo and google in a tight spot). I’m hoping you’re going to find the perfect school for teddy. happy valentine’s!

  2. Having grown up in Connecticut and having lived in western Massachusetts and in Rhode Island, and currently living in Michigan, I think you are slightly overestimating the joys of snow and bitter cold. However, it’s nice to read you’re enjoying yourselves and I hope you find a great school. I love the pictures you posted.

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