Violet Emerges From Her Shell

While I was doing something else in my studio (and this is the story of my life), this collage began to emerge:


It started as something else, no longer important.  The background was paper towels, painted to look almost like leather.  I had edged it with black distressed embossing powder (while it was still something else) and decided to glaze over it in purple after Miss Violet made her appearance in the picture.  I really thought it was fine and it actually looked okay in person.

But seeing the photo convinced me (as it often does — I seem to see better when I look at a photo) it was wrong.  So I carefully pulled the collage off the background.  As soon as I have a chance to dye and paint some fabric that will do what I want, I will put Violet back together and call her "Violet Emerges From Her Shell).


Much better.

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