Music, Not Movies

This week’s prompt for Wednesday Stamper was movies.  I really love films.  I had every intention of staying on topic.  And we’ve had a Quentin Tarantino Fest in my house all week, watching Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2.  It seemed like a rich source of inspiration.

But, like so many things in life, it wasn’t.  I was stuck on the image of Uma Thurman on a yellow motorcycle.  Stuck on one of my all time favorite lines in a movie as Uma looks at her arch-nemesis, the one-eyed Elle Driver, played by Daryl Hannah, poses with her sword and intones "bitch, you don’t have a future."  I really enjoy the layers upon layers of commentary and parody in these movies, despite, or maybe because of, all the violence.  Just like I like layers upon layers in my art.

But I never did make Movie Art.  Instead, it turned out as Music Art.  For some reason, I ended up with Stevie Nicks’s song, On The Edge of Seventeen, stuck in my head all week.  And, while I was fooling around in my studio, it suddenly came together in art.  Strange, because I’m generally not inspired to make art by music.  But it was wonderful because my daughter, who is thankfully nowhere near seventeen, was with me and we bounced ideas around together and played with the piece until it felt just right. On the edge of seventeen.  It makes me think of all the potential in people at this stage in their life.  Will she make the right choices?  Will there be a happy ending?  Maybe I was thinking about the movies after all.


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5 thoughts on “Music, Not Movies

  1. Joyce, that is one of my absolute favorite songs…and I LOVE the way you have interpreted it in art! Stevie Nicks is one of my all time favorite musicians. LOVE it! 😀

  2. Do I dare admit I don’t know the song? But I like the art a whole lot… And I love the idea that it’s a collaborative experience with Ellie.

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