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My friend Shirley (you have to go see her blog! her art is beautiful) made a house-shaped book for our art journal round robin.  I have been mailing to shirley for the last year or so in this round robin, so I never get to see any of her work.  But having her book here has more than made up for that!

This book is an incredible gem in a round robin where the artwork has been nothing short of inspiring.  Each of the pages (or in the case of many of the artists, a series of pages) are unique and inspiring.  Lou McCulloch’s admonition to "be authentic" really speaks loudly to me.  I love every set of pages in this book and Shirley is in for a huge treat when it comes home to her in a few days!  It includes work from all of my favorite artists, and I suspect from hers as well.  I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but I do hope she will scan and post all of the pages before she binds the book so that everyone can see it.

I did two pages, with a cut-out on the first page that lets you see through to the text on the second page.  The text on the second page is actually printed out onto a transparency that I splattered with paint and sewed onto the canvas page.  It has a nice, almost three dimensional look, which, of course, made it difficult to get a good scan.

This is the first page


And this is the second page


I hope Shirley is going to enjoy her book as much I have! 

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8 thoughts on “Art For Shirley

  1. I love these pages, Joyce! (and I so enjoy your knitting and cats and dinosaur birthday yard decor- your blog is so great to read…thanks for sharing!) hugs

  2. Like it? I LOVE it, and what a treat it will be to receive it.
    I saw your post on Paper Whimsy, so I just had to come over and take a look.
    thanks for brightening my day, Joyce!

  3. Joyce, these pages are really gorgeous. I think it’s some of your best art – and that’s saying a lot because I love everything you do.
    Hugs, Karen

  4. Joyce, your house pages are up to your usual standards of great color, imagery and mastery of quotes. It’s absolutely beautiful. Lucky Shirley.

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