Dinosaurs, professional woes, and a winner!

We have a winner!  Ollie drew names out of a hat and came up with …..  Darya!

I’m pretty sure I have your address D, but if you see this first, email me with it, and I’ll put your ribbon in the mail.  I can’t wait to see how you use it in your art!

Dinosaurs.  I neglected to show you pictures of the dinosaurs that graced our front yard for the Judge’s birthday.  Here they are, being befriended by Squirt, who I don’t believe has appeared on the blog before.


Does it come as a shocked to know that I don’t get to knit and make art all day long?  I have to work a day job, to support those habits.  Sometimes, my knitting gets to come along with me and I take a certain pleasure in knitting in odd, out of the way places.  This morning I got to knit in a new place — during oral argument before the Alabama Supreme Court.  I have to digress to tell you how cool it is that we now have a woman Chief Justice on our Supreme Court, an experienced, qualified jurist who is also a mom.  I was observing argument this morning and decided to knit.  And I was relatively discreet.  I had on a suit and pumps.  No obvious baby spit-up adorned my lapels.  I even had on make up.  And I sat there and knitted away quietly and intently focused on the legal arguments in the way knitting helps one focus.

I think I’m going to have to find a new knitting bag for these occasions, though.  Somehow, this one didn’t quite complete the suited, pearl earring look.


I think it may have been a dead give away as I walked in with it that I wasn’t like everyone else there.

But, I did get a good bit accomplished on my market bag.


I also got a few more rows done on the Giotto Tank.  It has been slow going for me — I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it is the moss stitch pattern or perhaps it is one of those knitting black holes and suddenly, in an instant, I will be at 11" and ready to work on the shaping.  In any event, it’s pretty and I thought y’all would enjoy seeing how this ribbon yarn knits up.


5 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, professional woes, and a winner!

  1. The dinosaurs look great in the yard. The market bag is coming along beautifully. The ribbon yarn knits up in a way cool texture. It’s all good. Too bad about the going to work thing.

  2. Great Market Bag Joyce! I’m working on the French Market Tote from Knitty. Yours is a different pattern though I believe. But I’m also using peace fleece. It’ll be fun to see them both worked up! I’m to the handles on mine now. 🙂
    The dinosaurs are priceless!

  3. Love those dinosaurs! Your market bag is lovely. And, honey, there’s no one else in the world like you! (That’s meant to be a compliment.)

  4. Joyce,
    I was wondering what the significance was of the dinosaurs on the front yard and then I got it. The Judge is an old fossil. (Don’t let him know that I said that). As for knitting during oral arguments, I have been wondering a lot about the etiquette of knitting i.e. when and where would it be appropriate to knit. Cocktail parties-No; State Supreme Court-Yes. I haven’t been able to find a noted authority who has written on this topic. I think we should formulate these rules and then take the show “on the road.” We could hit the Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, The View circuit as well as the DIY programs. A few years ago two friends from NYC wrote a book about the Rules for Dating or something like that. I forget the exact title. We need to do that Joyce. You have 4 kids to send to college. Judy

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