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My computer has lulled me into complacency.  It has been a really long time since we have had any problems to speak of.  But our cable modem is out and RoadRunner (after over an hour on the phone) said they couldn’t come out, even to look at it for three days.  So I am reminded of how vulnerable my little cyber-world is, although i am currently hooked up to a neighbor’s computer.

No computer gave me a lot of time to knit last night and I’m about two-thirds of the way done with my market bag, which is my modification of the Alterknits pattern, but done to use up some leftover skeins of Peace Fleece.


I have forgotten to show you this week’s yarn on Midday Faire, and if you don’t mind, I’m going to show you a few different pictures because it has been color nirvana around here.  First off, this lovely Merino, in which one ply takes up the dye at a different rate leading to some beautiful play in the colors.


And then, there is this lovely little piece of fluffy goodness:


Best of all, if you are in stash acquisition mode this week, there are still a few skeins left, including one last skein of the Geisha sock yarn and some cotton.  There are also some very cool stitch markers here and here.

I am knitting on the bag and doing other silly things like sorting and labeling my horrendously large collection of circular needles, because I am really supposed to be putting together my class supplies for Art & Soul East, and I’m overwhelmed.  I’m only going to be there for three day classes and one night class, so you would think I could cope.  I’ve printed out some images for Terry Berg’s poloroid transfers class and dyed some roving for Belinda Schneider’s felting class.  I’ve also picked out some of the fabrics and trims I want to take along for Leslie Riley’s fabric book class.  But I seem to keep putting off the real work of putting together basic supplies and negotiating with myself to see which of my favorite pairs of collage scissors and how many different pigma pens get to make the trip with me.  I have to pack everything up and send it all on in the mail to Karen, who is driving, since I have to fly in directly from a business meeting, and I’m concerned that the folks at TSA might have issues with suitcases full of little tins of paint, so the safer route seems to send it all with Karen.  You would think a woman who can marshal four children into taking their allergy medicine and doing their homework every night could manage this small feat, wouldn’t you?  I think I’ll go to bed instead.

2 thoughts on “This is where I am…..

  1. Joyce, the yarns are lovely. I empathize about packing the art supplies. I have to start thinking about packing for Artiscape. Happily, I’m driving, so I don’t have any TSA worries and I;ll be doing all “carry on.”

  2. Joyce, the yarn is lovely as usual. You have an incredible color sense. Quit stressing out over the supplies – between us we’ll have plenty of stuff.

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