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It’s always wonderful to come back home!  I got up in the wee hours of the morning, in hopes of getting through Atlanta ahead of rush hour (note to self:  it is always rush hour in Atlanta, even at 5 a.m.) and was home in time to see my precious baby before he left for school.  I think I have been hugged more by all of my kids and the Judge (and licked by my doggies) than I can ever remember in one day.  It’s lovely to be back home.

Sadly, the Judge has spoiled Ollie.  He took him to the zoo or the park, or out for ice cream, every night while I was gone.  No longer content to sit on the couch and watch videos, he has been dancing all night and asking "where are we going tonight Daddy?" Oh the fringe benefits of being gone for a week!  The other kids are wonderful too, although the sixteen year old had a bad experience.  I was checking my email on the family computer tonight when his best friend im’d him:

My Mom is really annoying me.
She’s editing my history paper.
&*%^ (expletive deleted) this.

And so on.

I was kind enough to jump on and say "sorry, it’s not Robert." 

It feels so good to be evil sometimes.  I feel sort of bad that I was unable to resist, but it was just far too tempting.  I guess not everyone is happy that I am home.

I have a few pictures from Art & Soul.  This is the very beautiful Belinda teaching a wet felting class.


We had fun making flower rings in her class Sunday night.


I also took her Monday class, felted bags, but mine was a horrible disaster.  It was so horrid, I just had to laugh at myself as I’m usually a very competent felter.  I promise to take pictures of the disaster when I get a moment, and I have some ideas of resurrecting it.  In the meantime, go to Kathy’s blog and look for her to post pictures of the incredibly beautiful flame colored purse she felted in the class.

It was wonderful to see so many of the women from the Divas and the Altered Workshop at A&S.  It’s always lots of fun to see old friends and make new ones.  We spent some time working on a surprise collaborative project.


I was also overjoyed to get to meet Carla Naron from Collage Cats, even though we never got a chance to sit down and talk at length.  Carla brought me a really beautiful collage that has found a new home on the shelf next to me desk so I can look at it frequently.

I’m off to unpack and hang out with my kiddies.  I promise photos of my book from Leslie Riley’s Lutrador class and more from Belinda’s felting later on this week.

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4 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Joyce, I love the felted rings. I’m looking forward to seeing the other pictures you’ll post. Welcome back.

  2. Oh my gosh Joyce, you were so funny in that class. I had the best time. I would love to take another class with you. It was a great end to a marvelous week. I have no doubt that you will create something beautiful with your green felted piece. Thanks for making that class so special.

  3. Hi Joyce,
    I am the other person in that class whose project was a TOTAL failure!! I was in front and to the right of you (the person with family from Eutaw, AL) I came home and put it through the washing machine as a last resort, and it felted but it is all wonky and thick. Don’t know what I will do with it now! I think that I may have made mine too thick to begin with, too much material for the water to penetrate? I think I may have better luck trying to felt something smaller. We will see. I’m so glad to have found your blog! 🙂

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