My kids love Miyazaki movies.  Actually, the Judge and I do too.  He makes wonderful anime films that captivate the four year old and the sixteen year equally.  That’s a pretty amazing concept for anyone who has teenagers.

One of Ollie’s favorites is The Cat Returns.  Without ruining it for you, because you really need to see it, I’ll just tell you that one of the characters is an ENORMOUS cat named Mootah.  Somehow, overtime, we have come to call our own huge sweet cat Squirt by the nickname Mootah, a very fitting name for him.  And somewhere along the way, I decided Ollie needed a stuffed toy Mootah of his own.  Please, please keep in mind that I am not a seamstress and that this is a knitting and collage art blog.  Nonetheless, I’m going to show you a picture of my little Mootah, who I have had to pry out of Ollie’s sleeping hands for purposes of photography.


Isn’t he cute playing in my spice cabinet?  What a guy.

One last thing before bedtime.  Earlier this week, I promised a picture of the baby socks I’m knitting out of my Poppy sock yarn.  These are small baby socks, so they are a quick knit and I’m enjoying the way the yarn stripes.


I wish socks for big people would knit up as quickly!

3 thoughts on “Mootah

  1. What fun to catch up on all your art and goings on Joyce! Loved reading about the mud balls and will have to try my hand at them as well, thanks for sharing the instructions….I have to tell you my son and husband are big time Miyazaki fans as well 🙂
    Happy Creating!!

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