Tuesday Means New Yarn

It’s Tuesday, which means I have new yarn for sale at Midday Faire.  This week, I’m offering my widest variety of yarn ever, with everything from BFL sock yarn, to organic merino, to a merino-silk blend (enough for a Clapotis), to enough bulky merino for an adult size sweater.  Although each of those links is to a specific item, there are a number of sock yarns and merinos, so if the item you are looking at is already sold, click here to see everything in the store.

Here are some pictures:




Please drop by and have a look!  The main Elliebelly site is a little bit low on yarn right now because I have a lot of girlfriends who are total yarn crack addicts of my wonderful friends who have spread my name around via word of mouth.  I am slowly restocking, and have lots of dyeing planned for the long weekend, so you can have a good instock selection to choose from all the time, not just on Tuesdays at noon.

One thought on “Tuesday Means New Yarn

  1. Goodness! Why would someone buy a lot of yarn if she doesn’t have time to do anything with it?
    Of course, if the bird flu hits & there is that quarantine……
    Oh — and I think wandered by Middayfaire — ooops.

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