Ellie’s Sweater is Almost Done

Nevermind that it is almost high-summer here.  Ellie’s Cahaba River Sweater, which sat in the pile of unfinished WIP’s for several months earlier this year, is ready to be finished!

Here it is (with Dragon attempting to claim it on behalf of cat’s everywhere)


I’m trying to decide whether to even attempt to put it together with the sort of thick and thin cotton yarn it is knit from or to go and look for a matching (if possible, I guess I can always dye something) dk weight cotton.

I’m also still obsessing over fabric to line it with.  I need to look through my stash, as I know I have some cool geisha prints, and some cottage roses, but I happened to look at it with these swatches that Tara sent me, and thought I might need to go look at Heather Ross fabrics, none of which I have on hand.  Don’t these look cute?


Today is Tuesday, which means I am offering some of my hand-dyed Elliebelly yarn at Midday Faire at noon. This includes some Harry Potter-themed skeins and two, very rare for me, custom order slots to dye Harry Potter House yarns.  I also have a bit of yarn, including some Poppy Sock, tomorrow (Wednesday) at Club Thread.  Tara and I are going to have a very special collaboration there — one of her almost impossible to get knitting bags in some very cool fabrics, filled with my yarn, including some Treasure on BFL and the brand new Cleopatra colorway. 


2 thoughts on “Ellie’s Sweater is Almost Done

  1. I’m loving that Cleopatra yarn. Yummy.
    I’m also loving the Heather Ross Flowers paired with the sweater (plus, it won’t make your cry if the yarn should bleed onto it.)
    In fact, I love this whole post.

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