The Ten Week Plan

I have a ten week plan.  Really, I do.  I’m not much of a planner, but I have one.  But before I tell you about that, did you know that if you spin at a T-Ball game, it makes you a really strange mom?  Some people will look at you like you are very odd.  But some women, mostly the right kind, will be inexplicably attracted to the spindle and will come over and ask what you are doing and if you know where they can learn.  Nice women.  And you will have new friends.  Really. 

Bet you couldn’t guess, but this is what I did at T-Ball Thursday night.


It is the prettiest copper and tan Blue Faced Leicester and it is spinning up very nicely.  And I really do have some new friends.

As for the ten week plan part, well, it is sort of embarrassing, but is because I need a ten week plan.  I need to spend some time getting in shape and eating right and relaxing or else middle aged malaise is going to overtake me.

When I started the Giotto tank, I actually fit into the size 34 I was making.  But the tank has fallen by the wayside and become one of those "I’ll get to it later" projects.  And I’ve gotten busy and managed to get out of shape to the point where I don’t think it would fit.

But, the tank has good sense.  You see, it’s knit in Moss stitch.  Colinette’s Giotto, a ribbon yarn, in moss stitch. 


It’s pretty agonizing in some regards.  The needle wants to go through the cool fizzy edge of the ribbon and you have to be very careful.  Plus, did I mention that it is Moss stitch?

But all that time that it takes to knit in Moss is going to be my ally.  I finished the back tonight and casted on for the front.  If I knit just 1 1/2" a week, it will be done in about ten weeks.  So I’m going to knit my inch and a half, eat some healthy food, get a little exercise, and plan on fitting into the Giotto tank (and feeling much healthier, thank you very much) just about the time it’s done.  The tank is going to give me my ten weeks.  I’m not sure you could call it a knitting diet, it’s more of a "knitting inspired plan for lavishing more time and attention on myself."  I feel it working already.

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