Happy Fourth Of July!

My little chickadees came down with some kind of nasty viral bug yesterday, so we’re having a low-key Fourth, without the usual family BBQ.  We’ve been enjoying a visit from Grandma all week, however, and even when under the weather, the kids enjoy her company.

Ellie dressed her up like a queen.


Ollie was very amused by the whole thing.  Teddy, with typical teenage disdain, wasn’t.  He refused to come any closer than the stairs.

In the midst of it all, I’m also gearing up for the opening of my new online venue for hand-dyed yarn, Elliebelly at Hyena Cart.  The store has some great new colorways and yarns, and also features my new "Knit Kits" with yarns paired up to work with different patterns.

Here are a few of my favorites.  Blue Faced Leicester in Clever (named by the always perky Miss Ellie).


Then there’s a cute little hand-dyed and handpainted tee, with matching superwash Merino sock yarn.


And sock yarn, in Mr. Potter.


The store opens on Thursday, July 5 at noon.  Please come by for a visit!  I’ve got a few goodies like stitch markers that you can enter a raffle to win.  (can I do that with my husband too?)  I hope everyone will like the new store, as much as Queen Grandma  and Ellie seem to.


5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Of July!

  1. Grandma certainly looks regal. Ellie did a fabulous job.
    I just visited your new shop although not officially open, it looks beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. How great for your kids to have a grandma who’s cool with being dressed up – she looks fun!
    I hope your shop is wildly successful – you go girl!

  3. It is beyond me how you find the time do everything you do. Good luck with your new shop. Grandma looks like a queen, a very pretty queen. I hope everyone is feeling better. It’s always yucky to be sick. Expecially on a holiday.

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