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The swap gods must be smiling upon me.  On the heels of the fabulously successful Harry Potter Swap on Knitty, I signed up for SP9.  I received a box in the mail from my swap partner on Thursday.  I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful it is, so let me just show you.


Isn’t that incredible?  I don’t know how she knew I spoke German (the Rebecca magazine) or that my second child’s favorite candy is airheads (I broke down and served it as his "side dish" with hamburgers for dinner that night).  Everything is perfect!  The note card with the sheep is gorgeous — I think I’m going to frame it.  The YO-YO is the perfect stress reliever at work.  The big bag of chocolate is was yummy.

Here are my two favorites.


Vesper Sock Yarn.  How did she know I have been DYING to get my hands of some of this yarn forever?  And the green color suits me perfectly.  I am so excited to have this yarn!  Right now it has trophy yarn status and I just keep it by me and fondle it, but soon I will be thinking about a pattern.

And this,


This is a sheep figurine that comes with six outfits.  Ellie, whose love of kitsch is at least as strong as my own, immediately seized on her and we had to spend the next hour trying on all of her outfits.  She is currently on the mantle piece, in a lovely purple hat with rhinestone stars.  Ellie has decided we will make a diorama for each outfit and make a scrapbook with photos.  It’s always the simple pleasures….

Thanks Swap Partner, whoever you are.  I have no clues (heck, I’m still trying to figure out who my HP buddy was) and the Judge threw away the box it came in before I can check it out for postmark type clues.  But I am so excited about my box, and hoping my buddy enjoys the box I’ve sent her as much as I am enjoying mine!

2 thoughts on “Knitty SP9

  1. Oh FUN! Vesper is FUN. I am working on a plain vanilla using some. Of course with the Vesper it’s anything but PLAIN! Fun stuff!

  2. The Vesper looks great; I’m glad you enjoyed your swaps so much! Are you ready for the release of book 7? Not too much longer, now… Oh, and I left my real email/blog address this time, so you’ll finally know who I am!

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