My Apology

I owe you all an apology.  We left on a vacation — of sorts — on
Wednesday.  I meant to post while I was away and then got carried away
by the sun and the water and well, just the sheer relaxation of it all,
and never did sit down at the computer for more than a stray minute
here and there. (and, for those of you who missed yarn talk, I promise
there is a little bit in the last paragraph).

It was actually a business trip.  The Judge and I both had to be at the
same conference, so we took the littles along and made a vacation out
of it.  We were in Point Clear, Alabama, one of my favorite places on
earth.  It’s a wonderful place where you can enjoy the Pelicans and the
boardwalk and the Royal Red Shrimp, steamed just hours after it has
been caught.  It truly is heaven on earth.

Bad me — it never occurred to me to take the battery charger for my
camera along, so I have very few photos.  And this is the real reason I
need to apologize to you.  We came across the most amazing sight in
tiny little Daphne, Alabama.  A farmer had planted one of his fields in
Sunflowers.  Rows and rows of huge beautiful Sunflowers in full bloom.
It was an incredible sight, but unfortunately, I’m going to have to ask
you to imagine it, because I wasn’t able to take a picture.  I’m still
kicking myself.

Here are a few photos I was able to get before the battery suddenly, and with no warning, quit on me.

This picture is of the newly rebuilt boat houses on the Bay.  It was
Ivan, not Katrina, that whipped through here, but there was a lot of
damage.  You can see one dock that hasn’t been rebuilt yet if you look
closely, but most of them have been redone.


Woo found a little Hermit Crab at the edge of the water and brought it
up for closer inspection by his brother and sister.  He also managed to
wipe out on the slippery rocks in the process, but I’ll spare him the
embarrassing photo.  The Crab was very cool.


This is one of the squadrons of Pelicans that endlessly fascinated us.
How they fly those intricate patterns is a total mystery.  I’m
convinced they are far more intelligent than we are.  They have to be,
to be able to do that.


Finally, this last picture is sweet Miss Ellie, who loves the water as
much as I do.  This picture pretty much sums it up.  Being on the water
is perfection!


Strangely, this was a no-knitting, no-art trip for me, something that
hasn’t happened in years.  I did have plans to knit on the Giotto Tank,
but it needed ripping, due to an evil stitch that came off the needles
and ran in transport, and I never managed to sit down and work on it.
Instead, I reread the sixth Harry Potter book and have big plans to
spend tomorrow (my birthday!) reading the new book.

Finally, for those of you who need crack yarn news: I did manage to stock a bit of new yarn at both Elliebelly and at Elliebelly at Hyena Cart
before we left.  A few of you found it, even though I forgot to tell
y’all.  There is still a bit there and I have some really exciting
dyeing plans for this week, involving this very cool
Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend that is going to be the making of some
fabulous socks and shawls.  Go check out the yarn if you have time.  I
promise to have lots of knitting and dyeing to show you this week.  I’m
also getting pretty close to getting my Ravelry
invite I think, maybe six days away.  I’ve already got lots of my
photos organized in anticipation, and am really looking forward to it!
One last picture, here’s one of my favorite yarns from last week, a
Blue Faced Leicester aran weight yarn in my "Treasure" colorway.


7 thoughts on “My Apology

  1. Happy Birthday Joyce! I’ll honor your birthday by reading Harry Potter too. Your mini vacation sounds wonderful. We all need one time to time. And you have yarns coming out this week….yum!!!

  2. Very cool photos; sorry you missed the sunflowers, but some images are destined to ne memories rather than photos. Hope your birthday was wonderful and that you enjoyed reading Harry’s last adventure.

  3. School starts soon so I’m sure it was nice for you to get away for a few days. Sounds like you had a wonderful little vacation. Thanks for the visual on the sunflowers. One of my favorite flowers. It must have been gorgeous. Would love to have seen it. I’m growing some in my garden. I’ll let you know when they are blooming. I’ll post a picture on my blog so you can take a peak.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

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