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I finally got my new scanner hooked up!  It has been a long saga involving receiving a broken scanner, followed by no responses to email and long waits on telephone calls.  But, a replacement finally came and I got it hooked up.  I’m disappointed that it isn’t an improvement over my previous scanner.  If anything, it doesn’t seem to be quite as crisp.  It is supposed to be a better model and some of my friends who have it rave, so I’m hoping it’s user error and I’ll get better with it.

For now, I have this pretty little ATC to show you, made with an image from Paper Whimsy on my handmade sandpaper.  I’m so happy to be able to post art on my blog again.  It seems like it has been a long time.  I hope you enjoy this little piece!

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5 thoughts on “A Little Art

  1. Oh, very sweet! We miss you around CC parts, though truthfully, I pretty much show up once a week to post artpARTy. I need to retire. I haven’t made any art in ages. Real life job takes it all out of me.
    I copped something from your blog. I hope you don’t mind. Hermione made me do it! (Take a look at last two entries in my lj for info: http://one-winged-cat.livejournal.com/
    Maybe one day we can all get together for a chat again. And again, that’s one great looking family you have there. Ollie off to kindergarten … my my.

  2. Love your ATC. And you now make your own sandpaper!
    So glad you got your scanner up and running. It’s hard to live without one. We’re spoiled aren’t we!

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