My Sweet Little LOL Cat

If you haven’t discovered LOL Cats yet, you probably don’t live with a teenager or you aren’t a 20-something.  But for some strange reason, the juxtaposition of cute photos and bad grammar is strangely appealing.

My own kids are very taken with the lol cat who says "I made you a cookie.  But I eated it."  And they do seem to be cropping up everywhere.

So, with all due apologies, this is my own sweet little LOL Cat Harry, Protector of THE STASH.


6 thoughts on “My Sweet Little LOL Cat

  1. Oh, gosh, that is cute! I should do my LOL dogs posing with their eyes glued to my plate at dinnertime. Of course, the caption would read, “We iz gardin’ yur food!”
    Your home must be a kitty’s idea of heaven with all that yarn laying about! LOL

  2. What a great picture. I checked out lol cat. Cute. This is perfect. I must come up with one myself. You’ve inspired me.

  3. Aren’t they the funnest creatures? EVERY time I set anything down on my kitchen cabinet, it MUST be laid upon – or guarded. Even the bread I bought last week was flattened. And they LOVE my pool bag. Doesn’t matter if my wet bathing suit is in there or not….
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Joyce, that’s too funny! What an introduction to lolcats. I think we may have to make one up ourselves (maybe one with Eve in her favorite place… lying on top of Salvador!)

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