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My dear friends from the Altered Workshop, Karen & Christy both nominated me to be a Rockin’ Girl Blogger this week.   I’m beyond honored to be in such amazing company, and especially happy to have been nominated by two such uber-cool bloggers!  We need to put together a Rockin’ Girl Blogger net ring now!


I get to nominate some new bloggers, and I’m picking Carla Naron, Maija Lepore, Julie Dowd, Katie Loucks.  You girls are all rockin’ bloggers now!  I love all the inspiration I get from fellow bloggers and this is such a great way to get the word out about great new blogs to read.

I’m off for the night now to work on a collage series I’m in the middle of, but before I go, I want to tempt you with some of the yarn I’ll be stocking on Thursday at Noon at Elliebelly.  I’m getting into the new fall colorways now — this week in Blue Faced Leicester, Organic Merino, and Silk.



Over the next couple of weeks, look for Superwash Merino, Bulky Merinos, Sock Yarns in lots of different fibers and more yarn to get you in the mood for fall knitting to start showing up.  Please drop by for a visit!


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ Girl Bloggers

  1. You are a rockin girl blogger. I wish I knitted more with all the great yarn I see you post. Enjoy your weekend.

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