Sock Progress, Dyed Yarn, & Art

I’m very linear today.  I have to stay focused because the soon to be 17 year old (he who got on the school bus with my car keys in his pocket this morning) has given me a birthday dinner menu that starts with oysters for appetizers, moves on to lamb roast and baked potatoes, with a greek salad, and finishes up with a chocolate mousse cake.  This will require huge organizational skills from a working mom on a Friday, so I’m focused and linear today.

(1) Sock progress:


I’m going to break down here and confess to being in love with this socks.  I’m sorry that they’re running dead on gauge, which means they will fit Miss Ellie, but not me.  Just a simple little basic stockinette sock, but oh so pleasing in this yarn!

(2) Dyed Yarn

I think I have neglected to do more than mention in passing that I’m having a special fairytale-inspired yarn week at Elliebelly.  Please come by and take a look!  There are some gorgeous silk and cashmere colorways, along with blue faced leicester, Merino, and Peace Fleece.  I’m particularly fond of the sock yarns in Baba Yaga and Princess and the Pea.



There are lots of yarns to choose from, with more being stocked today and tomorrow.  I would love any input you have on which of these colorways you would like to see incorporated into my fall line.

(3) Art.  I am so excited!  The weekend after this, I’m taking classes from Catherine Moore with my art-sistahs.  We’re making a fatbook for the retreat weekend.  I decided to do the background for my pages from one large sheet of watercolor paper.  I’ve been layering on it all week and it’s just about done.  Here is a picture of it in progress, and I hope to have the finished pages to share by the end of the week.


8 thoughts on “Sock Progress, Dyed Yarn, & Art

  1. Right now I am really thankful for Drew’s cheese pizza addiction!
    Just imagine how much more you’ll want to keep socks for yourself when you’re knitting out of handdyed handspun!

  2. 1… I LOVE the colorway on those socks! 2… princess and the pea rocks! Although… I really like Puss In Boots too. Great job Joyce!

  3. The sock and yarns are cool. The birthday meal sounds great (my older dauyghter and I are going to go out to eat for my birthday dinner – that way I get what I want and no clean up is involved). The bqackground paper for the fatbooks looks great. Can’t wait to see it in a week.

  4. Beautiful socks and yarn! Tell Woo happy birthday for me, and he has remarkably good taste for a 17-year-old. Wish I was there for dinner. Yum!
    Karen (see you soon!)

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