Some yarn is so good that it rolls into my house and immediately goes onto the needles without becoming part of the stash.  And, some really really amazing yarn gets knit up immediately, without distraction.

Be Sweet’s Bollywood Magic Ball did me like that.  It came with a veddy, veddy simple tea cozy pattern and it was simply irresistable.

Here it is.


It would be done but for the fact that either my gauge is off or their tea pot is smaller than mine, so I’m awaiting a second ball to add a few inches to the top before I finish it off.  Isn’t it cute?

There must be good knitting karma in my universe this week because I’ve finished knitting my Noni Adventure Bag (pictures forthcoming) and am making lots of progress on Teddy’s Alpaca garter stitch scarf (although it puts me to sleep in the same way that reading a Kafka novel late at night does).

I’m also going to share a new banner I had done for Elliebelly.  The idea was mine, but it really helps to have a good graphic designer to execute it!  I confess to being way too silly to have a serious business, but I love doing things like this.


In case the banner isn’t going through all the screens for you, you can see it directly by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Bollywood

  1. Great Banner! I really like it.
    Darn you and the new yarn coming available!! I’m try to stop increasing the stash and start decreasing the stash.
    Missed you tonight at the rescheduled knit night!

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