Finishing What I started

Today is the last scheduled day for my yarn listings (click HERE to see them) to raise funds for a donation to Heifer.Org.  For those of you seeing this for the first time, Heifer is a charitable organization that helps hungry people by providing them with the tools necessary to become self-sufficient.  Heifer lets donors pick an animal to donate and the obvious choice for a knitter seemed to be trying to donate a sheep.

The results from the first two weeks of "Give Back" listings have been so encouraging that I’ve set my sights a bit higher, and my goal is to donate Heifer’s Knitter’s Basket item — two sheep and two alapca.  The idea of people raising their own wool for goods to sell so they can take care of themselves, while raising generations of animals to help other become self-sufficient too is very appealing to me.  And that goal is reachable.  Please come and take a look at the last Give Back yarn listings and help me reach my goal!  Here are some of the items that are available.



And, even a little bit of roving for spinners and felter.


Please come by and bid generously for this wonderful cause!  I’m looking forward to reporting back next week with the total amount we raise and the donation we’re able to make.  I’ll also have one last auction due to the kindness of Katie, who won one of the earlier lotteries and decided to make a donation of her own.  Katie has sent some wool care products and I’ll be putting together some yarn, stitch markers, and Katies’s items together for one last Give Back item.  Make sure you check back in this weekend, for this one last, wonderful item.  I really thank all of you for helping me give back — something that we can all do to help make other people’s lives better.

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