The Power of Yarn

This is the power of knitters — when faced with a need and a charity suited to meet it, they will rise to the occasion, swiftly donating money in the hopes of winning yarn, but really in the certainty that they can make a difference.  That was what happened when I offered up my first few skeins of yarn today in an effort to raise money for, a group that fights hunger.

My plan is to offer several skeins every week between now and the holidays as "Give Back" listings.  Since Heifer lets you donate an animal, my hope was to donate a sheep, at a cost of $120.  I listed my skeins of yarn today in the hopes that I could get part way towards that goal, raffling the yarn for $2 a chance and offering one skein of sock yarn as an auction.  I was really astonished when I saw that the listings — what I thought was a really large number of tickets that might take a week to sell out — sold out in hours.  Winners are drawn, yarn is in the mail, and we raised $200.  The auction is not yet closed, but it is already at $25 with three days left to go.  My original plan was to donate all the money raised, minus paypal fees and shipping costs, but I’m so touched by the speed with which these tickets sold out, that I’ve decided I want to cover those fees myself to maximize the amount of the donation.  We are well past that first sheep, and I’m now dreaming of being able to donate a small flock.

Mark your calendar for next Thursday at noon.  We’ll do it again with new yarns, fun yarns, yarns that will help hungry children eat.  The Judge can make his petty little jokes about "when knitters rule the world"  — I think even he has a sense of what a better place it would be if we did.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Yarn

  1. Knit power!
    That is so awesome Joyce. I totally missed the ball yesterday (I remembered to post about it in my blog but forgot to get in on all the goodness!) but I’ll be there with bells on next time around!

  2. I couldn’t believe how fast that happened. That is truly awesome!! I completely got sidetracked yesterday and by the time I remembered what day it was, all the lottery was gone.
    I’ll have to set up a reminder on my computer for next week.

  3. This is such a great idea Joyce! Even I, a non-knitter, would purchase raffle tickets for yarn. I do have a friend that knits and I know that she can’t afford to purchase gorgeous yarns like you dye! She’s my heart transplant friend whom I just made the book for and posted on my blog, in case you missed it! I hope I can get in on the next raffle!

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