A Quick Note About Knitting

It a far from usual weekend in my house.  I’ve spent most of the week in the theater with my daughter, in the final dress rehearsals before the Nutcracker ballet.  She is having a wonderful time dancing in the party scene and I’m spending a lot of time curling hair, applying make up, and finding lost ballet shoes.  On the plus side, all that time sitting in the theater is giving me lots of time to knit.  I’ve been working on a felted bowl, which looked like this when it was done.


I threw it in the wash tonight and felted it.  I’m sorry I lost the pretty colors that were so distinct in the knit fabric, but it’s very pretty and the shape is wonderful.  I’ve got it stuffed with some of the big air bubbles that come in packages from amazon.com, hoping to dry it in shape if that cats will stop trying to get in it.


Here is a close up view of the felted fabric.  It will need a good shaving, but the Manos del Uruguay yarn felted up very nicely.


In other wool news, I got a lovely package from my partner, Jan Knit, in the hand-dyed sock yarn swap.  She sent me all of this cool stuff.


The roving is a silk merino and it is so soft!  I sat on the floor and petted in after opening the package and could have sat there for the rest of the day with it.  Everything is lovely, and I can’t wait to sit and sip tea while knitting with my lovely new yarn!

The other wool news in my house is this:


These incredible wool slippers were felted by Wool Creations and they are simply incredible.  The three dimensional designs in the wet felted slippers are beautiful roses for Ellie and Legolas (from Lord of the Rings), complete with his bow and arrow, for Ollie.  There were a huge hit as a Chanukkah present.  I wasn’t sure the kids would like them as much as I do, but they are a huge hit.

It’s now two in the morning and I’ve got to go to sleep before another busy day of getting pin curls into Ellie’s stick straight here.  Tomorrow’s knitting will be a tea cozy and more work on Ollie’s vest.  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “A Quick Note About Knitting

  1. Since I have been busy for the past week with me new grandson, I am behind on visiting blogs. Yours is one of my favorites. Love all your posts. Thanks for spotlighting one of my dolls. You are a knitting machine. I bet you can knit in your sleep. Good luck with the Nutcracker. Wish I could be there.

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